Jeb Stewart Harrison

Praise for "The Healing of Howard Brown"...

Jeb Harrison has crafted a sprawling, funny, wild, generous-hearted tale of middle-aged coming of age.
— Amazon review
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The Healing of Howard Brown is a thought-provoking contemporary literary tale that will draw you in, touch your soul, and leave a smile on your face.
— Amazon Review
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The Healing of Howard Brown is a magnificent quest story, ambitious in scope but intimate in tone through the first-person voice of the flawed but forgivable—and finally, admirable—Howard. If you enjoy beautiful prose, complex themes of family and race, and a refreshingly original narrator, this book is for you. Harrison is among the select few contemporary fiction writers who still write for serious readers.
— Jim Heynen, author, The One Room Schoolhouse
Like a moth to a flame, it is impossible for me to skip, avoid, or ignore anything that Jeb Harrison has written.
— Amazon Review
Jeb writes with passion. His lush words envelope me in a place where feelings come out through his characters and right into my heart. His work is revealing, interesting and beautifully done.
— Susanna Soloman, author, Pt. Reyes Sherriff's Calls
In large-hearted, exuberant form, Jeb Harrison tells the tale of Howard Brown, an aging teacher confronted with the deaths of his parents and the zany dysfunctions of his relatives. Through a fabulistic series of events, The Healing of Howard Brown delivers what the title promises—and shows us that a laugh can be at the heart of even the darkest moments.
— Greg Glazner, award-winning poet


Janis, Peggy and the Garden of Glass - Part II

A satirical imagination can be a dangerous thing.

Since I originally posted this imagined fantasy of Peggy Caserta's rock-star party cottage that once sat on my property in Coon Hollow, I received several comments from readers that I was unaware of until now. (I thought Blogger platform was supposed to notify me with comments...maybe I need to adjust some settings or something.) Anyway, the comment below from username "Brass Ovaries," is ostensibly from the real Peggy Caserta....


2016 - What Just Happened?

I mean WTF just happened? Between the untimely departure of many of my musical heroes and the complete demise of The American Dream, I feel like 2016 has been a non-stop gang rape of everything I believed was good and true.

Something about 2016 harkens back to 1915 and the Dadaists. It's not so much the art and anti-art that they created, or the anti-bourgeois sentiments. Rather, it's the complete absurdity of the socio-political environment, and the realization that our 250 year-old American experiment is fizzling and sputtering like a lab rat in its death throes...


Yo! OWG. Get Hip. Get Guilty.

In case you didn’t know, our nation’s troubles are entirely your fault. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. Old White Guy.

It’s called White Male Privilege. AKA Old White Guy Rule. And you own it.

You. The descendent of men that believed in a broad, imperial application of Manifest Destiny. Men that believed that the white man was put on the planet by God to rule and enslave the savages, the heathens, the uncivilized hordes, the women....